Sunrise in Giglio Veroli

Sunrise in Giglio Veroli

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ode to Casa, Giglio, and Italy

Oh Giglio- quirky little commune di Veroli...

For 3 months now I have lived as a modern day king in this bella casa, commune, and Nation...

While there is much that I return to... and a few things that I will delight in leaving, it is with a deep sigh of regret that I prepare to depart. For when I return to my life in the fair city of subdued excitement, I will miss:

Morning walks with the dogs running and sun rising

Proscuitto and melon

Church bells ringing

Fresh buffalo Mozzarella and Caprese Salad

The Ubiquitous and stunning Renaissance Art

Friendly shop keepers at the International fruit market

The language of Dante that while largely unintelligible to me, it still sounds a bit like singing

Fresh Pecorino cheese

Enthusiastic amici greeting each other at church, bars, gyms, and all over town

A life that is slower

Afternoon Siestas

Homemade Pasta

Our little protestant church

Long Meals with up to 8 courses and way too much food

Vineyards, Orchards, Villas, and ancient Roman Cities atop the green, rolling hills

The stainless container on the counter filled with home-grown, home-pressed olive oil

Sheep in the yard every few weeks

Warm sun and soft winds

The 3 dogs

Homemade wine

The deep layers of history

The visible millenia of church history and life to learn from


Strong family communities

Stunning Churches

square pizza by the slice

Cities with Canals

Little fishing villages on the coast

An affordable and effective public transportation system

Our little gym with the ever present personal trainer

Real Italian food

So as I pack the backpacks, I raise a glass of homemade vino and say..

"Salute to our Casa amidst the olive trees

To our little village

and to this rich country that has been so hospitable to us all"



  1. Thanks for taking us on your Giro d'Italia via blog and Facebook. We're all looking forward to getting B'ham back to... uh... "normal." (Well, normal for Bellingham!)

  2. enthusiastic greetings, long, slow meals, vino, antipasto, primo, secondo, contorno, frutta, formaggio, dolce, long, slow walks and talks... so lovely... is it possible to take home?

    wonderful pic of Laurie and Zoe and the Torre del Mangia... I'd recognize those lovely smiles and that lovely bell tower anywhere!